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We have to find the number of contiguous non-empty subarray, that have a sum divisible by k. If A = [4,5,0,-2,-3,1] and k = 5, then the output will be 7. ... Smallest Integer Divisible by K in Python; Subarray pairs with equal sums in JavaScript; Largest K digit number divisible by X in C++; Count all sub-arrays having sum divisible by k;.

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Polelo ea Bothata: The Maximum Size Subarray Sum Equals k Leetcode Solution - E fanoe ka palo e felletseng bo-pula-maliboho le palo e felletseng k, khutla boholo ba bolelele ba a subarray hoo ho akaretsa ho k.Haeba ho se le ea mong, khutla 0 Ho e-na le hoo.. mohlala: Input: nums = [1,-1,5,-2,3], k = 3 Output: 4 tlhaloso: Pin . The subarray [1, -1, 5, -2] sums to 3 and is the longest.

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